Other Writing

Having returned home from Kashmir with a bag full of rocks, I am back to being an aspiring author in my time off from work as a freelance, technical translator.

2017: The Great Hiatus


“Conversing with a Fruit Tree: An Interview with Shiraz Ramji” in Lyre Magazine

“For the Moment” for FTB Press’ Flash Fiction Friday

Synopsis of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky’s Definitely Maybe; Synopsis of Jean Baudrillard’s America for Simon Fraser University’s “50 World Literature Reads!” Promotion


“The Eternal Return of Fratilda” in ArtAscent’s “Still Life” themed issue

“Like Whispers” in FTB Press’ “Irrational Fears” Anthology

“Old Ears” in ArtAscent’s “Portraits” themed issue


“Don’t Eat at the Hall” in Steel Chisel

“Anti-Alfred’s Operation” in ArtAscent’s “Hidden” themed issue

“And the Mountains Themselves will Vacation” in Chupa Cabra House’s “Small Town Futures” Anthology


“The Eternal Return of Fratilda” in Postcard Shorts

“Old Ears” in Yorick Magazine (p. 37)

“Salsa” on the Nostrovia! Poetry blog


Sulphur, Laurentian University’s Literary Journal (print only)

Sulphur V (2015): “First Contact”; “Chapter Two”

Sulphur IV (2014): “Outstanding Things”

Sulphur III (2013): “Memory Trans. Lt. Scruff”; “Piece of Mind”; “Isn’t it Tomorrow”; “Anti-Alfred’s Operation”; “Brain Surgeon”

Sulphur II (2012): “Accident Prone”; “Don’t Eat at the Hall”; “Coffeee Tiiime”; “3436”; “Elevator Title”

Sulphur I (2011): “Classical Bad Ass”; “Junk Store”

Contact: am_harasymiw@laurentian.ca

Now also on Goodreads


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